How to speed up Designer (9.9)

Hi fellow wM people,

I’m hoping that somewhere out there is someone that has found a way to make Designer faster. I’ve been hanging onto Developer for as long as possible, but with my group upgrading from 8.2 to 9.9 we’re being forced to use Designer, and absolutely nobody is happy about it.

Ever since I’ve started using Designer V9.9 I’ve been noticing that it is so extremely slow as to be almost unusable. I’d say that I spend somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes per day waiting for Designer to respond, or quitting and restarting it, and that’s pretty consistent amongst the rest of the team members.

It’s not even like it stops responding only when I’m absolutely beating on it, either, that I could understand, but the biggest cause of Designer not responding seems to be left or right clicking anywhere.

I don’t understand how a UI built on Eclipse, which is a phenomenal IDE, can be so slow and clunky.

Ok, end rant.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for making Designer faster and more usable?

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Hi George,

if you only need Service Development, you might want to check for the Designer RCP POC.

This one has a smaller memory footprint and is a bit faster than a standard Designer.

You can find the Designer RCP POC in the community.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for the reply. I downloaded Designer RCP from [url][/url] because I couldn’t find it on the community, but I’m not able to connect to any of our 9.9 servers. I keep getting a window saying “This version of Designer is not compatible with the server (serverName:port). Designer will disconnect.”

Is there a version of it somewhere that works with 9.9 servers?

P.S. when connected to one of our 8.2 servers, Designer RCP seems much faster than the regular 8.2 or 9.9 versions of Designer, so thank you for bringing it up.

I am using designer quite some time say past 2 years and I do not find blocker issues. I agree compared to developer , designer behaves slowly but you can still use it for your service and process development. Moreover the Designer RCP was built on 9.7 version and there is no plans to update to the newer version.

You may consider having the latest designer fix levels installed and start using it. If you still find some issues you can contact SAG support.

Hi Mahesh,

That’s unfortunate about RCP. It seems like a bad business move to take away the two faster alternatives to Designer and not give people any way of speeding up Designer by removing all the unnecessary stuff from it.

Did you have to tweak anything in the preferences/config files to get Designer to get it to work faster? Just today, it took me 15 minutes to select a map step and 2 invoke steps, increase the indent, and save the flow service, which is something that would have only taken about 20-30 seconds in Developer.

My Designer is completely up to date with the latest fixes. My laptop is plenty powerful enough to handle anything I throw at it, so that’s not the issue. It doesn’t make any difference if I’m in the office or at home on VPN, so it doesn’t seem like a network issue. I’m running out of ideas, I’ll probably end up having to call SAG Support.

Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to get management to sign off on me buying some more powerful components for it 8)

Asides from how slow it is, my other biggest issues with Designer are both related to mappings, and I’m hoping there is a property somewhere that I just didn’t see.

  1. Anytime I map a document to another document, Designer expands both documents. Asides from just being annoying it can also cause Designer to stop responding.

  2. If I’m dragging a link from one field/document to another and my cursor goes anywhere near a document/documentList it will expand it, even if my mouse was only near it for a millisecond. This is probably more annoying than the first issue, and presents the same issue of potentially causing Designer to stop responding.

I’m really hoping someone knows of some properties to change to resolve these issues

It’s really strange. I didn’t see such weird behaviour with designer. I don’t think there is any property which resolves stated 2 probs. Can you give a try to switch Workspace to a different loc where enough memory exist.


Hi George,

Few points to consider and see if this speeds up your designer usage:

To adjust the Designer memory settings:

  1. Locate the following file in your Designer installation:
    Software AG_directory\Designer\eclipse\eclipse.ini
  2. Open the file in a text editor.
  3. Locate the -Xmx parameter and modify it as required:
    For systems with 1 GB or less of memory, set -Xmx=512m
    For systems with more than 1 GB of memory, set -Xmx=1024m
  4. Ensure that the value for -Xms is less than the value for -Xmx.
  5. Save the file and restart Designer.

Eclipse provides a heap status monitor function, and by default, this feature is enabled in Designer. The monitor appears in the status bar at the lower right of Designer:If the display has been disabled, you can re-enable it by clicking Window > Preferences, selecting the General entry, and selecting the Show heap status option.

Let me know your comments and observations.

Hey there!
Let me join topic starter.
My WM IS development is quite far from me and it’s really hard to do anything.
In comparison with Developer, Designer is much slower, but main problem is heavy traffic.
Usually it takes ~30 minutes to start Designer and get it available for actions.
Every “save” or navigation become lottery - do I need to re-start Designer or not.
Is there any options to reduce traffic or use kind of network compression?

Did you try the steps suggested above? Also make sure you have the latest fixes installed on Designer.

My settings is


I’ve set recently -Xms512m, but no effect.

Generally, my problem is about freezing Designer due network, not memory.
My usual Designer screen looks like this.

HI Alexandr,

please provide your Designer version and the applied Fixes , if any.



Do you have to use any proxy/VPNserver to access the servers?

What are your Designer’s network configurations? Direct? Native?

Best regards,

Integration Server and Designer version is 9.5.1 (same).
Unfortunately, I didn’t received any updates from colleagues - using initially received version.

I’m using Intranet connection, but IS server is quite far.
Usual ping time is 170-250ms.

Hi Alexandr,

do you have access to the IS Admin pages of the remote IS server?

If so, please a screen shot of the /WmRoot/updates.dsp page.
This might indicate if there Fixes applied to IS which in turn might require Fixes for Designer.