How to set landing page for multiple users or all users in a role or group


Is there a way to set landing page for specific set of users or any role without having to login using every username and set a landing page?
Something like start page rules in MWS sysadmin?

Thanks in advance

If you are on the latest Business console fix which is as of today 9.12 Fix6, you should see the option to set the Appspace as landing page for specific users. You should be able to specify role or group here. Please see attached screenshot.

Thanks for prompt reply Amit. I can see that option only on “Gear Icons” from Appspaces. I could not find the same for icons on “My Inbox” or “Task Inbox”. Only “Set as Landing Page” is available. Attached screenshot.

Can you able to select “Business Data” columns in work stream of “What’s Happening Now” page for this task type…?

If it is so, please post the screenshot of “Configure Columns” window.

And here please make sure you have selected “Index field in Database” checkbox while you are adding Business data fields in Designer.

Vishwanath G T.

Hi Vishwanath,
I hope you are referring to the topic Custom task inbox on business console.

No, I am not able to see “Business Data” columns in work stream as well for this task type. attached screenshots of both business data and configure columns from WHN


GOTCHA… I have not opted them as Indexed… Cool… that’s nice catch. Will do that and update you.

@Vishwanath… Thanks… I am able to see Business Data fields under “Configure Columns” after making sure I have selected “Index field in Database” checkbox while I was adding Business data fields for the task in Designer.