Import/Export of Task/Case Details customizations in Business Console

In Business Console Task Details page and Case Details pages can be customized inside Appspace by adding or removing gadgets based on the requirement. Similar to the Appspaces , Task/Case Details customizations can be exported and reused later by Importing them in target Environment.

There are few ways to achieve this,

  • Deploying using the File System
  • Deploying using the Install Option
  • Using the Content Import/Export option in My webMethods Server

Below section explains Export/Import function using Content Import/Export option for Task/Case Details and File System option for User Preferences Export/Import.


Customize Task/Case Details Page

1. In the Designer Create a Task and Gadget application and Deploy them to MWS

2. Login to Business Console http://<host>:<port>/business.console as Administrator/manage

3. Crete an Appspace and add Work Stream gadget to it and Save.

4. Work stream gadget lists out all the Tasks, Cases and Processes that are deployed.

5. Click on Task tab drop down > Customize Task Details Page > Edit Task Details > Browse the previously deployed gadget in the step1 and Save.  Task details page of a given task is now customized.



Export Task/Case Details Customization

1. From Designer Export Task and Gadget Applications. In case of Agile Apps Case Export Case Object from agile apps.

2. In order to Export Task/Case Details customization, first Export Appspace. Login to MWS http://<host>:<port> as Sysadmin/manage. Navigate to “Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Migration > Content Import/Export”

3. Select “Single Object”, “Export”, Click Next. Provide Export Name(Appspace), Browse Item to export, “Folders > Custom Applications > Business Console Dashboard Container > <AppspaceName>”, Check the check boxes listed below,

  • Create Auto Deployable Component
  • Export Access Control Lists
  • Export User Scoped Preferences

 Click Next, wm_Appspace.cdp file will be downloaded.

4. Whenever Task Details page is customized, under “Folders > Custom Applications > Business Console Dashboard Container” a page gets created in the form of “Task/Case Details Customization_<TaskTypeId>”

5. Click Tools button against the required “Task/Case Details Customization_<TaskTypeId/CaseObjectId>” > Properties, provide some alias name (task.details.custom).

6. Follow the same steps as in Step 3, provide Export Name(TaskDetails). wm_TaskDetails.cdp file will be downloaded

7. In the Designer, go to “UI Development perspective”, click on “MWS Admin” tab, provide credentials as sysadmin/manage. Navigate to “http://localhost:8585 > Folders > My webMethods Applications >  Fabric Tasks > Business Console Root > socialBPM Preferences”,

Right click and select “Extract Asset into Project”, choose New/Existing project and Click Finish. xmlImport.xml can be found under the project “WebContent > WEB-INF > assets > socialBPM_Preferences_<randomId> > sbpmPreferences_<randomId>”. Copy it some place


Import Task/Case Details Customization

1. Import Task and Gadget Applications which were exported in “Export Task/Case Details Customization Step1”  into designer and deploy them into target environment MWS

2. In order to Import Task/Case Details customization, first import Appspace. Login to MWS http://<host>:<port> as Sysadmin/manage. Navigate to “Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Migration > Content Import/Export”

3. Select “Single Object” and “Import”, click Next. For “Install Destination” browse path as “Folders > Custom Applications > Business Console Dashboard Container” and for “Install Component” browse “wm_Appspace.cdp” obtained in “Export Task/Case Details Customization Step3” click Next. Appspace is installed

4. Follow the same steps as in Step 3 and install “wm_TaskDetails.cdp”.

5. Open the xmlImport from “Export Task/Case Details Customization Step7”,

Attribute taskDetailCustomDashboardID/caseDetailCustomDashboardID will contain a random generated id in its value, replace it with respective aliases provided to the Task/Case Details Customization_<TaskTypeId/CaseObjectId> page in “Export Task/Case Details Customization Step5”. Alias can be specified to all or individual Task Type Id/Case Object Id as marked in the screenshot and save

6. Copy and paste this xmlImport.xml in <InstallDir>/MWS/server/default/deploy folder.Login to business console as Administrator/manage, Open imported Appspace, Create task instance/case record and open it. Customization involving gadget should be present in the task/case details page.