How to see the document in trigger queue which is published locally


I’m publishing and subscribing the documents locally using IS Document Store. For some reason, I’ve suspended the document processing in trigger and the Current Queue Count is 4. Where I can find those documents in IS?

Note:- I’m not using broker and publishing locally

Thank you!

See below notes:

A publishing service publishes a document, sending the document to the dispatcher. The dispatcher determines which triggers subscribe to the document and places a copy of the document in each subscriber’s trigger queue. The dispatcher saves locally published documents in a trigger document store located on disk. If there are no subscribers for the document, the dispatcher discards the document.

AFAIK there is not user interface to view the documents for local publish as it gets stored on the local disk. You may check at this locations /IntegrationServer/instances/default/DocumentStore

Moreover, local publishing is not recommended for the live project as SAG recommends the use of a messaging provider in production.