How to see Queued documents


Can you please tell me how to view Documents Queued in the Broker?


Hi Sandeep,

If I understand your query correctly then you mean to say that you want to see the documents which are queued in the client queue of the broker where you are publishing?

If this is correct then you can see the queue using WmBrokerAdmin.
Just go to http://:port/WmBrokerAdmin and then go to Broker and clients and then search the trigger which you have created. You can see the queue details on clicking the same.


Let me re-format my question…

I have just published the documents…I have not created any triggers that are subscribing to this document. Every time I publishthe document I see Documents Queued (under Broker Statistics) increases by 1.

Now where can I see these documents…Or is it mandatory to create a Trigger to see these Documents?

If there are no subscribers then what is the point of putting them on the broker? but just to answer your question, there is no way to see the documents out of the box (maybe webMethods is working on this for a future release). You will have to create some sort of tool to view the documents using the broker api. Maybe there is even already someone who has done just that, since I can understand the need to be able to see the documents on the queue.


If there are no subscribers, the documents are gone. Thrown away. Broker doesn’t retain documents. The stats just show traffic. They do not indicate the number of documents on queue. The client queues can show how many documents are on queue but since you’ve not created any subscriptions, there won’t be any client queues of interest in this case.

Broker 6.1 introduced a “deadletter queue”, which, according to Broker 6.1 Enhancements and Fixes, “allows a user to capture all documents published to a Broker or Territory but for whom no subscriber exists”. There is a section on Detecting Deadletters in Chapter 5 of the Broker Client Java API Programmer’s Guide 6.1. The catch is that the deadletter subscription has to exist before the documents are published, otherwise the Broker simply discards them - in other words, you cannot retrieve your already-published documents since they won’t exist.

From my own findings it appears as though that if there is a subscriber but has been disabled documents are not persisted in the broker. Is there any way to take triggers “offline” and have the documents queue up?

Depends on what version of IS you are running on. From 6.1 there is a new functionality added to webMethods called Trigger Management. (ISAdmin -> Resources -> Trigger Management.). Here you can stop retrieving the documents from Broker or just stop processing. Both will ensure that the new documents are queued up in the broker / IS for future processing.

You can also do the same programatically using the API services.

Ram Challuri

Thanks Ram, that’s exactly what I was after.

This “Trigger Management”-Functionality only exists on IS 6.1 SP2 and newer.

It has been backported from IS 6.5 to IS 6.1 SP2.

But the API functionality is available on GA or earlier SP´s also (dependent on Fix-Level).


Hello smallByte,

Depend form version of Booker and Administrative interface:

Version 6.1, dose not support built in functionality to look into queues. You need to use Java API provided with Broker. It is buggy you will need to install some fixes.
Version 6.5.2 WebMethods provided Browser, Editor, and resubmit functionality for documents in the queues, but you need to install MyWebMethods server. It is separate application part from WebMethods product family. It is working I am using it since 3 weeks. Still testing but no bugs found except that it need to be patched before start using it because it show exception after installation. Looks like product was shipped with very obvious bug.

Best Regards,
Krasimir Zlatev

You can also try to use Document Tracker - an old WebMethods Tool which is now not supported and not recomended by WM.
But for development and testing works fine for me :slight_smile:

If you have a problem with finding it PM me and I will send it to you.

IMO one way (and as far as i can see) the only way of seeing the documents is by Java APIs. BrokerClient gives you methods to view the size of the queue and then you can write a loop to get the “events” out to view it.


Just to clarify, Doc Tracker doesn’t look into Broker queues. It sets up its own queues so you can subscribe to the same documents that other Broker clients are subscribed to. This way you can see what they see. A great tool to have but it’s not a queue browser, which is what I think the original poster was looker for.