Is local publishing possible if subscribing trigger disabled?


I’m publishing messages locally to IS and using trigger to subscribe the message from documentStore. If I disable the trigger and publish a document, whether the document remains in documentStore until I subscibe or it will be deleted of the subscribing trigger is not found?

I can see from the server logs that the document is rejected when the trigger is not available.

"[1616]2017-04-27 07:24:59 UTC [ISS.0098.0024C] No Trigger available for incoming Document Sasikanth:testDoc. Rejecting Document "

Whether the published document will be available for subscribing when the trigger is disabled?

Sasikanth Balachandran

Hi Sasikanth,

when all triggers which subscribe this trigger are disabled document will be discarded/rejected.

If you want to pause processing of the documents you should suspend the triggers.
This keeps the triggers online, but the documents will not be processed.


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