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Hi-Tech Folks,

This may be an already answered question, but I am new here, just have a quick query because there is a requirement from a customer. Tried explaining its not possible, however, they would like me to double confirm on feasibility.

environment setup:
Integration server (v10.5) with local broker setup for native triggers.

question: Suppose i have throttled the native triggers, is there a way to browse the documents thats in queue, my understanding is that since its local broker i cant view it in mws ? if there is a way then how can we view the document.

Hi Muhammad,

MWS needs to have the Messaging UI (for Broker) applied and you have to configure the Broker server there.
This is the only way to browse the documents in the queue when the trigger is set to Suspended in IS.

You will have to make sure that the MWS can connect to the local broker via network if neccessary.


Hi Muhammad,

Local broker? Do you mean using IS Local Publishing?
If yes, then messages are routed within the same Integration Server. You cannot view such documents in MWS. As far as I know, IS stores locally published messages in Trigger Document Store, and IS does not have any in-built support to view messages in that store.
If you mean using wM Broker, then you can use MWS Messaging/Broker UI as Holger explained.


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yes you are right IS local publishing.

Thanks holger for the reply,

I meant IS local published documents. that come to trigger document store.

In this case there is no chance to view these documents in the document store.

Sandeep is right in this case.


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