Documents not receiving by client Queue

He Experts,

We see there were 100 documents stuck in client queue. So, I’ve cleared the queue in statistics tab.

In IS level trigger is throwing error message as Invalid Acknowledgement (208-1220): Cannot acknowledge the requested document because the sequence number is out of order with respect to other unacknowledged documents.

Now, the real problem is though we publish the documents none is document is placing in that Queue.

We still see Last Retrieved as “Never” only. Can anyone please help on this issue.

Sai Pradeep.

Hi Sai,

please check the trigger settings in the IS.

Is the Retrieval or the Processing suspended?

Are there any messages in the server log before clearing the quee which indicate that the trigger has issues?
Is there any publishAndWait in the downstream waiting for a reply which might not be send.

Restart IS once to reset its local retrieval cache for the queue.


Hello Holger,

Thanks for your quick response.

Problem got resolved.

We’ve disabled and enabled back the trigger from designer. When I disabled trigger queue, I could see that client connection got disconnected.

Again I enabled back, and started publishing the documents to broker. Then the documents are being retrieved by the client queue normally.

Sai Pradeep.