How to return many list in output service?


I trying return two list for my flow-service like this.

and Loop like this.

when i run the flow service get the first array but the second doesn’t show.

its possible return two arrays ?

Yes, it is surely possible to return two arrays. And even three. The first array has many elements, that’s why you don’t see the second one. Have you tried to scroll down?

Hi, i tried scroll down but only can see the first array.

this way I iterate the first array

and this way I iterate the second array

but when i run the flow service, i don’t see the second array.

Very Strange. :slight_smile:


Can you put a screenshot of your Loop step as well (showing InArray/OutArray) of output2 mainly so we can see it closely?

Also try to remap the output2 and make sure there is no conflict in the pipeline mapping etc…assuming your Loop labeling for Array’s is correct as well…


Hi @rmg.

I already solved it, in the end I was not putting the array in the clearPipeline,
thanks for your support.

It happens :slight_smile: …Good to hear that issue resolved now!!