Another Looping Problem

I’m having yet another looping problem with my EDI mapping.

I’ve got a specialized flavor of ANSI 4010 x12 EDI 850 that has a path /Specialized850/ST/PO1/SLN to a DocumentList of line item detail subline data. I’ve defined an outer LOOP that uses /Specialized850/ST/PO1 as the input array. Then there’s a child inner LOOP that uses /Specialized850/ST/PO1/SLN as the input array. Inside the inner LOOP I’ve got a MAP step that maps String values from the Specialized850 document to an output flat file schema.

All the information from the SLN instance isn’t being mapped to the output flat file Document. The first String is mapped, but none of the ones that follow.

If I look at the pipeline when I step into the inner loop, I can see that the PO1 DocumentList is displayed as a Document (the PO1 instance for this iteration). Same is true for the SLN child.

However, when I click on the link in the MAP step between the first String in the SLN input document and the output document, it says that SLN is indexed.

The pipeline shows only Strings on either side of the Link. If I check Why is wM Developer telling me that this is indexed? If I check other similar constructs the Link is marked “Field not indexable”. What have I done wrong?


You may try to unlink the source from the destination and save the flow while still looking at the map. If the document portion still does not show itself as single instead of list, then you delete your in-array text in the loop and save the flow and look back at the map step. Go to the source pipeline and click copy the documentList you want a document and paste that in the in-array field for the loop. WM will give the path to that document. If you notice any [0] along the way, you parent loops are not properly setup if they need to be single documents. Verify that the parent (PO1) looks like a single document before working on a the lower document (SLN). Its good to look at the pipeline right after you put in a loop with a simple empty MAP so you can quickly verify that you have the proper change. Sorry I don’t have a specific quick fix, and always take your time with your integrations.

Good day.

Hi Yemi,

Thank you answering. Yes, I finally managed to get this to work after some fiddling around. It’s one of those situations where I’m not entirely certain what I changed to get this to go, but now I’m seeing the results that I want. I’m sure it’s user error - the sequence was off somewhere along the way. I thought I was doing it correctly the first time, but Developer thought differently. Unfortunately, it’s got the final word on what’s “correct”.

I have to be more careful.

Thanks again for your help.