mapping prob between doc list

Hi Friends,

I am getting a problem while mapping is being done between document list to document list

In the loop while mapping from PO1(edi doc) to LIN(external format)
I have taken Input array as PO1 and output array as LIN
and the data is being mapped from PO1 to LIN but not in the order.
In the results tab i am able to see all the mapped data in an unformated order, by while while converting the LIN in to string i am missing some data.

No problem with Flat file structure of the LIN.

Can any one suggest where is the problem
Thanks in advance.


I assume you are calling pub.flatFile:convertToString. How have you set the parameter sortInput? If you have it set to ‘true’ then, according to the docs, multiple records at the same level with the same name will appear in a random order.


hi Naveen,

Does your LIN doc list exist in the pipeline before the loop. If not it is better to use appendToDocumentList rather than using an in array and out array.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for u reply,

Tim: Even before using the converttoString(FF) this problem is occuring,some how i am able to solve…taking lot of maps.
when i am mapping 4 to 5 mapping in one map i am getting this problem so i have taken 1 or 2 mapping in 1 map…but i don’t know whether it is right process or not…but it is working…that’s it

Pradeep: i will try the appendtoDocumentList and see…thanks for that…