no output in the pipeline of ports:listListeners service

Hi All,

I have used the wm.server.ports:listListeners service in my flow service. There is no variables for output in the pipeline of listListeners service. While running the service, I am able to see the results where as I couldnt map the results to the input of another service. Is there any way to pass the result of listListeners to some other service?


Hi Preethi,

is there a public service in WmPublic package for this?
If so, it is recommended to use that one.

As the service mentioned by you is an internal undocumented one, you should use this with caution.

If you know the name of the result object, just add an output object to the service invocation with the same name and type and use explicit mapping to map it to your output pipeline of this invoke step.


Yes the only way to resolve this is with Holger’s advised technique to explicitly map the object from the result of the WmRoot/wm.server.ports:listListeners extract it from the pipeline output and go forward with the design time.

Also as always using any WmRoot in the flows at your own risk (as there might be changes of deprecating or changes in the internal signatures/outputs etc…).


Hello All,

Thanks for your reply! I have mapped explicitly like you have mentioned above and it is working :slight_smile: