How to retrieve the list of all users ?


I have to implement something to list unactive users.

I obviously created an SQL request into WMSESSIONS to find out last login of each users …

But, with this, I’m not able to find out information about user that never logged on the I.S., or who the last login was far in the past and purged from WMSESSIONS.

So … I can I retrieve the list of all users ?

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PS: I have to be able to do it automatically, because I have to do it each month.

You can call the wm.server.access:getDisabledUserList service to get a list of active uses and disabled users.

This service is not ment for public use. So if you use it, webMethods may change it without notice. You just have to test it when you apply a service pack or upgrade.


Thanks steve,

reading the source of users.dsp, I found a private service named groupList (wm.server).

After some search, I found a public one doing the same thing inside monitor :

All users have to be declared inside Everybody group (otherwise users.dsp page isn’t able to find them, sigh !).

Hoping it can help.



Hi Laurent,

this the default Group for all Users existing on IS.

Everytime you create a new User it is added to the Everybody group automatically.