Use of Logon-Model

We use Logon-Models excessively and I’m sorry to say that we lost the overview.

How could I get all users which use a defined Model-UserID? With UUTIL UM I couldn’t find such a function. It’s very time-consuming to have a look to every users.

Could you help me?

Thank you in advance.

There’s no way to search for used model id’s, I’m afraid.

If you don’t use “account numbers”, you could enter the model id into the account number field, which is one of those that can be searched for.


Greetings. I’ve got a Natural program which will extract Complete userid information. Once you run this program you should be able view any information you’d like off of the Complete USER file.

Just drop me a note if you’d like a copy of this program.


If you have the HTTP server installed, there’s a link “Report: Defined users and their properties” on the default index page. This report shows the model for each user, among other things.