Com-plete / Natural Security

After installation Com-plete 651 I would like to use Natural Security Database of users but without adding users under Com-plete.
Is any possibility to do somthing like this?

Yes, Please look here -->

Yes, this is possible

An interface is also available to the Natural Security System. In this case, if the user ID is not defined to Com-plete, Com-plete checks the user ID and password against the Natural Security System file. If found, the user is logged on with the entered user ID and with a model user ID of "SYSNAT" from the Com-plete user ID file. If the user ID exists, but the password check fails and an external security system has been specified at startup, the password violation is ignored and the password is verified via the external security system.

To use this feature of Com-plete, the following steps must be taken.

   1.      Add a model user ID SYSNAT using the Com-plete user ID maintenance utility.
   2.      Specify the Com-plete sysparms NATSECDB and NATSECFN to identify the Natural Security System file to be used.

I try doing this. But when i try to logoff using natural user i have aben code:

COMABE0002-8 COM-PLETE Processor Task Abend System 0C4 User 0 Reason
COMABS0006-8 Program ULOG Abend S0C4 PSW=078C300099E5A6B2 DUMP=024

A quick search on SL24 reveal following issue (DocID 550595):

There is also a fix.

I can’t find this DocId. Could you write me for which product is that fix/where I can find it.

Then search for ULOG and S0C4. Currently it is at top of list.