Com-plete & Nat 3.1.6

Another question regarding Com-Plete migration. How much does Com-Plete interact with Natural product(s)? We would like to install Com-Plete under Z/OS before we upgrade Natural from 3.1.6 to 4.1.4.

I realize we are out-of-support for Natural 3.1.6 but would prefer to have Com-Plete in prior to the Natural upgrade. Good idea? Bad idea? etc…

Thanks again
Chris Walsh

The release notes for the current COM-PLETE Version, v6.4.1 state:

Com-plete 6.4.1 is compatible to Natural version 3 and above. Natural 2.2 and 2.3 can be run, but their use is discouraged because they are not relocatable when used with Com-plete 6.4.1; this may result in reduced performance.

So you’re fine with NAT316 :wink:

Thank you for your response(s), Wolfgang. They are appreciated. :smiley:

I did see the information your reference in the release notes but couldn’t determine whether the install of Com-Plete could possibly cause us any Nat 3.1.6 issues which would require a support call for Natural. I guess my true question is: Are all Com-Plete modules independant and separate from all Natural modules? The powers-that-be (management) here want assurance that Natural will not get broken by the install :shock:

Thanks again
Chris Walsh

Basically installing NATURAL into COM-PLETE is analogous to any other environment, you create either a shared nucleus + environment dependent frontend, or a “local” nucleus including everything.

Then there’s the NATURAL bufferpool manager which needs to be installed as a COM-PLETE “server” (i.e. somewhat like a “service”).

But there are no clashes due to the different environments.