Group List Null

While I was creating a group, by mistake, I created group like that local/GADMIN. After that whenever I click on User Management tab (in the left frame). I get no users and groups list in the right frame. and following error is show in the log,

2009-08-12 10:50:20 AST wm.server.access:groupList java.lang.NullPointerException

How I can resolve this issue, appreciate your help.


I guess it’s the “/” causing the problem. if you have a backup of your users.cnf file under config folder (if you don’t, check the files under config/backup, it may still have the version before you made the change), shutdown IS, reverse the change, restart IS.

If you can’t roll back, open the users.cnf file, search for the group and change it directly there.

Hope this helps,

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