HTTP Status 404 - Servlet jsp is not available

Dear All,

I have Wm6.5 and trying to run WmSamples JSP in order to learn how JSP works with IS but I am getting following error when trying to access http://host:port/web/WmSamples/showCustomerData.jsp

HTTP Status 404 - Servlet jsp is not available

Is there any configuration that is required to run this JSP sample. This is my first time using JSP with IS. I am getting same error while using my own JSPs.

Your help is needed please.


How did you install the WmSamples package? Is the JSP in the web folder of that package?

Thanks for your reply,

Problem resolved. I created endorsed folder under lib and place
xercesImpl.jar under it. Restarted IS. Now I am able to view default page of Tomcat.


Good. What document or post suggested that this would resolve the issue? Can you share the link?


Hi Mark,

I found it over google and found it in this forum,


1.confirm that you installed the package WmTomcat in the IS
2.edit the “manifest.v3” file and make the “requires” element look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> yes no 1.0 [B][COLOR=Red] *.* [/color][/b]

I had a similar issue on a custom jsp page I was on. I had to ensure that the package containing the jsp pages was dependent on WmTomcat, where the version = *

None of the above suggestions worked for me.

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