After installing the WebDav Server on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server it doesn’t start and gives me the error 1067 as message.
Somebody knows what the problem could be?



please look in \jakarta-tomcat\logs for the files nt_service_jvm_stderr.log and nt_service_jvm_stdout.log. Is there something in and what?


Thank you very much for your help, the Tamino WebDav Server is no running, but the problem is, I haven’t got the “Web Folders”!

Thanks, pattrick

There I have no more troubles, but I have a little question, is JSP working with the IIS or is it necessary to use the apache server?

thanks a lot



JSP? Java Server Pages? Or the WebDAV-Server?

For JSPs to run, you need a so called JSP container, like Tomcat. Neither IIS nor Apache (the HTTP server) will do. Then, Tomcat can be put to work with both of them (and a lot of other web servers, too). Look at http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/

Tamino WebDAV server is packaged with and released for Tomcat 3.3, but if you have the time, you might get it to work with another JSP container.

Best regards, Andreas

Hello Andreas, thanks for your reply.

I have installed Tomcat 3.3 on my computer and the index-page of the tomcat is running, but if I go to the examples and I click the execute link, there is an error message:
Error 500 Internal Servlet Error

Thanks, patrick

Hi there,

I think I

Just edit the file jakarta-tomcat\conf\jk\xdav-wrapper.properties

Take ‘-Xrs’ out of the last line.


-Xrs removed works like a champ. thanks…

Hi, I had my previous WebDav server running fine. I downloaded 3.1.2 and also get a 1067 error when I attempt to start the service. My problem is that the installation (which I have tried again numerous times) does not install any of the files mentioned (eg: Xdav wrapper.properties or any of the log files mentioned) in the previous responses.

No worries. I was looking under Tomcat home and not the WebDav install dir :smiley: