How to migrate a WmTomcat application to App Platform 10.3

Hello all.

Hope you can help me. I have an application developed with WmTomcat and i want to migrate it to App Platform 10.3. I’ve installed App Platform Support to my Integration Server and i don’t know what to do next, i can’t find any guideline showing how to do it. Anyone here have experience with migrating application? Can you give me some tips?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Cristiano,

what was your previous version of IS/App Platform?

WmTomcat package is considered deprecated and I am not sure if it still exists in wM 10.x.


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Hi Holger!
We used the IS version 10.3 with WmTomcat v9., the package is deprecated but still works and I’ve installed the WmAppPlat v10.

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