How to create a servlet with Application Platform like with WmTomcat

Hi folks,
since Application Platform is advertised as successor of WmTomcat and WmTomcat is not supported in the latest releases anymore, we have to migrate our Tomcat servlets in the our custom IS packages (Java classes inheriting from HttpServlet which can directly serve HTTP requests from clients) to WmAppPlat.
I’ve seen tutorials showing how to set up regular Java projects with Java classes with the Application Platform, but not Web projects with servlets. I’ve created a Web project for App Platform with the Application Platform Web Facet, but I cannot select this very Web project when trying to add/create a servlet (File → New → Servlet).

So my question is how to do that?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello Marcus,
WmTomcat applications may be migrated to App Platform 10.3. Also recently, we have back-ported support to 10.1 as well; however, this requires installing a couple of App Platform fixes available on Empower.

However, there is no Designer/Eclipse tooling support available until version 10.4. In 10.4, you may create a Dynamic Web Application project in Eclipse and publish the project to the Integration Server.

The customers running on 10.1 or 10.3, are using Tomcat’s ‘manager’ webapps app to work around this deployment issue.


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Hi Warren,
maybe my question was a bit confusing. Sorry!

Apart from the migration, how can I add a servlet to a AppPlatform Web Project in order to publish it as a HTTP servlet to IS?

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I just want to let the community know that your suggested approach works for us. We create a servlet in a Dynamic Web Application project with Designer 10.5, publish it to the local IS 10.5 and finally copy+paste the WAR file from the local IS 10.5 to the target IS 10.3.

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Thanks for the confirmation Marcus!