Service Wrapping: "The import com.softwareag.applatform cannot be resolved"


I try to call “Integration Server Services from Application Platform Projects” with the automatic wrapper-generator “IS Service Wizard” as described in [1|page 94] and [2|page 60].

The PLS_*-Classes generated in the genSource-folder have these imports:


The problem is, none of these Classes can be found. The attachement is a screenshot from SAG-Installer. It shows that the Service Integration belong other SAGAP-relevant stuff is installed.

I’ve checked for a class ServiceWrapper in all jars inside the installation folder - no finding.

So what am I missing here?

Greetings and thank you very much for your help


PS: The wM-version is 10.3

Referenced Documents:

[1] 10-3_Application_Platform_Users_Guide.pdf
[2] ApplicationPlatformTutorial9.9.pdf

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Hello, please see the word doc attachment with some additional details. -thanks
AppPlatform_ServiceProject.docx (651 KB)

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Hi Jan, - one more thing.

I suspect you have all the components installed if you selected ‘Application Platform Development’ from the ‘Typical Installation’ options in the Wm Installer; however, this will also install MWS.

If that is not desirable, you can simply ensure you have selected the two components shown in the ss.png attachment (highlighted yellow). The installer will automatically select all of the necessary dependencies once you have selected these two items.


Hi Warren,
I don’t recall how often I’ve already thanked you, but I really have to and want to thank you again! Your instructions did the trick!

Best regards,