How to deploy 2 copies of wsstack.war to Tomcat?

We have deployed an instance of wsstack.war to Tomcat currently to support application a. All the aar/wsdl pertaining to application a is maintained via this wsstack application.

There is a requirement to use wsdl against EntireX Broker for another application on the same app server.

  1. Is it possible to deploy another instance of wsstack.war, perhaps rename to app2.war or something like that? We like to isolate the aar/wsdls for the 2 applications.

  2. If deploying another instance is possible, what do I have to change on the war file? e.g Context Configuration name of WSS?

Thank you in advance for your advise.


You can do this by deploying under two different paths on the same server.

Location 1: /opt/tomcat/wsstack1/user_projects/webapps/wsstack.war

Location 2: /opt/tomcat/wsstack2/user_projects/webapps/wsstack.war

Each one can be exposed with a different domain:

They will each have their own aar file repository this way so the service lists won’t clash.

Hope this helps!