Configuring dynamic use of 2 Brokers based on service

Now that I understand about using axis2.xml to parameterize AAR file settings, I have another problem I need to solve.

We have one WSStack per environment (dev, QA, production, etc). Each environment supported a pair of Brokers: one for the US Vista system accessed through a Broker on one port, and the Global Vista system accessed through a different Broker on a different port.

I can see that the configuration can be flexible enough for multiple settings, but the example shows the use of <service-name="*"> for a generic setting and <service-name=“myservice”> for specific service overrides. I don’t want to have to constantly be changing this file for each new service deployment, but we’ll be adding services in both systems all the time. Is it possible to wild-card a service in the configuration file as such: RPC/SRV1/CALLNAT RPC/SRV1/CALLNAT

…so that any service starting with “GV” will be caught by the exception override?

If not, then how should I handle this so that I don’t need to update this for every new GV web service I create? Do I need to ask for the number of WSStack environments to be doubled?



I think you need to ask for a change enhancement (via Brainstorm) for the masked service name feature.

In the meantime, given your environment, having parallel set of WS-Stack environments would probably make your deployments simpler - you’d have to decide if picking a ws-stack deployer every time was easier than updating the configuration file for new services periodically.

I was afraid that was the case since the documentation didn’t show use of the wildcard except as a general wildcard for everything.

I will ask the SOA Infra team which they prefer doing… updating the config file or creating 4 more WSStack environments (since they will have to do the work in either case).

Thanks much for your answer, Douglas!