Question to web.config

web.config seems to be the config file for ASP.NET applications.

I have two ASP.NET applications both residing in the same ASP.NET web service. However each will access a different Natural RPC Service on the mainframe.

How can I handle this situation? Can i define more than one service in web.config?


From my efforts, it seems that the default configuration file for the .Net Wrapper is limited to simple situations. If the two parts of your application are in different virtual directories, you can use different web.config files in each directory.

For my applications, I create my own application section in the configuration file using the AppSettingsReader to read the settings from the section of the config file.

Douglas Kelly,
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That helps.
We will use the in the web.config and define the Brokeraddress, servicename for each operation of the service.
Thanks a lot,