Configuration of an ASP.NET Web Application

Our CSD team has currently started developing ASP.NET applications on Windows 2000 server using EntireX V7.1.1.30.

The application seem to be getting default service settings (RPC/SRV1/CALLNAT)if run on the production server. However does successfully access the targeted Broker and Service on an OS/390 mainframe if it is run in debug mode.

We tried setting the server and broker ids in web.config, but had no success here.

Would you know why the application behaves different when run in debug mode?

Thanks in advance,
Rabia Hidirlar

Hi Rabia,

I cannot find any information that could explain why your application behaves different when run in debug mode. Is this problem still there? If, yes, can you provide more info about your application. Does the Broker name property specified in web.config work as expected?

Regards, Dietmar.

Hallo Dietmar,

I am not sure, if we are handling this in a correct manner??!

While generating the client via the Workbench, we set the values for Broker anme and service etc… The generated stub contains the correct settings:
public class Trklib : ServiceHolder

IS this not sufficient or is it still required to maintain the settings in web.config?

Thanks ,

Hello Rabia,

the default attributes (Broker, Service, Library) take effect when
no values are provided to the constructor or in the App.config
(or Web.config) file.

Broker b = new Broker();

The the implementation of the default constructor Broker(),
as it gets no value for the Broker ID, first tries to find a
value in the App.config/Web.config file. If it does not find
one there it tries to get a value from the [Broker(“…”)]
attribute and if this also fails it takes the hard-wired default
value “localhost:1971”. Similar behaviour for Service and Library.

So, the answer to your question is: No, you do not need to provide
an App.config file (or Web.config entries). The runtime uses the
intelligence described above to get the required values.

However, the most flexible method is to have these properties configured
in an App.config / Web.config to be able to alter them without changing

Regards, Dietmar.