Microsoft package - application configuration not loading


I’m just playing around with the .net package - importing methods into webMethods.
I can’t get my app setting to load. I can open the config and read keys etc via OpenExeConfiguration.
However any config sections won’t load automatically - was hoping on using with my methods.

I think my intended purpose is a bit too ambitious for webMethods - and it really should be its own web service.

Does anybody know if it is possible and how?

Honestly I don’t why webMethods/SoftwareAG ever included that Microsoft integration as an option. :eek: The two really shouldn’t be integrated at that level. Http/Pox, Web Services, sling shots, pigeons would all be better solutions.

Seriously I would keep the two separate.

Are these tech terms “sling shots, pigeons” never heard about these solutions…just curious.


Yes very very technical and highly advanced. Especially if you combine the two.


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