How to correct error which I am getting while tranferring XML file to TN?

Hi Experts,I am new to webMethods and this my first post. Please execuse if solution is already provided and if I haven’t go through with that (I haven’t found :().I am submitting XML file to TN and it is placed there but when I checked TN there is queue maintained by document and status is showing (DONE W/ERRORS).If anyone knows how to deal it. Please reply. ThanksKuldeep

Click on the details of the Transaction Analysis. You should see a tab named ‘Tasks’ where all the steps executed will be displayed. Check which task has failed during processing.


Do you have everything setup in place wrt this XML doctype (processing rules/criteria) etc…and make sure the custom rule you created is above the Default rule standard.

As suggested by Senthil please check the Activity Log section when you click on the received transaction document:


Thanks Senthil and rmg for your prompt help.

I found the error through activity log. It is giving invalid sender and receiver id message.
I found mistakes which I had done while creating document type and processing rule.
Which I am stating below:
1.While creation of Trading partner profile I defined External value type as mutually defined but hadn’t selected while creating document type.
2. I placed processing in last but it should come up from default rule.

Many Thanks,