How to connect ot Lotus Notes?

I need to connect to Lotus Notes to insert data into their database. I have been told that Lotus Notes has its proprietary hierarchical database.
This means I cannot use a relational database adapter like JDBC.

Which adapter can I use to connect to Lotus Notes database and perform insert/select/delet kind of operations?


Lotus Notes has a JDBC driver - get that, it offers basic access to the Notes database - you can either have external Java classes, or else configure a JDBC adapter for basic access (you can’t use configured ops though).

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Lotus has developed a JDBC driver for Lotus Notes. Please have a look at

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Thanks for the info.

My client has ODBC licence. Can I use ODBC adapter?


I�m trying to connect to a Notes database on a Notes server. I get this error:
10:16:04 AM (S1000/0) [Lotus][Domino Driver for JDBC]Unable to find path to server

I only get this error when I remove my notes ID file. When I have a notes ID file I get no error and my Lotus Notes locks up.

I have no problem connecting to this database when it is local as long as I have an ID file. When I try to connect without and ID file I get this message:

(S1000/0) [Lotus][Domino Driver for JDBC]Could not open the ID file java.sql.SQLException: [Lotus][Domino Driver for JDBC]Could not open the ID file

I’m creating this adapter with Adapter Manager.

Any ideas?

I’ve noticed the same thing - it seems as if the JDBC driver for Notes needs the ID file, so just use it - why try to bypass something that’s probably designed to only work that way?

When I use the notes ID File, I get no errors, my adapter does not connect, and my lotus notes locks up. This only happens when I try to connect to a notes database on a notes server. It works on a local notes database. Is anyone connecting to a notes database on a server?

If you have a look at the Domino console on the Domino server you are trying to connect to what does it says. A guess is that it’s prompting for the password to the Notes ID you are using.

Please try the following:

  1. Start the Notes client and logon with the Notes ID you are using for the connection.
  2. Select File->Tools->User ID and type in the password again.
  3. In the dialog box that is displayed you have a checkbox “Don’t prompt for a password from…” if it is not enabled, enable it.
  4. Try to connect again.

If this doesn’t work try this:

  1. Start the Notes client and Select File->Tools->User ID and type in the password.
  2. Click the button “Clear password”. (If this button is disabled it is because the Notes administrator created the Notes ID file with the option to not allow empty passwords. Contact the Notes administrator and ask for a Notes ID file with password length set to zero.
  3. Try to connect again.

Good luck!

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P.S Please let me know if you were successful or not D.S

I checked the “Don’t prompt for a password from…” box and it worked!


We have developed a new Lotus Domino Adapter that follow WM standards.
This adapter own several operation that can be used to integrate (without using ODBC or JDBC) application developed using Lotus Domino Platform.
We have already used this adapter to integrate existing and new Domino Application.

If you are interested we can send you the technical sheet with the feature of the our domino Adapter.

Will this adapter work for version 5 of Lotus Notes?

Can you let me have technical info on this adapter ?


I’m intersted in the adapter. Let me know if you can provide me more information.

to gualtiero.biella.
I’m intersted in getting more information about the LN adapter that is not JDBC nor ODBC. Please let me know if you can provide me with more information on the same.

Following are the features of the Lotus Notes field adapter developed by the Global Field Adapters (GFA) team. We currently support Lotus Notes R5. Please email if you need more info.

�Database operations � locate/open Notes databases, access database properties and documents and invoke agents.
�View and Column operations � access columns in a view, traverse through documents, search a view for documents and document collection and locate parent/child in a view.
�Document and Document Collection operations � create/modify/delete profile documents, copy/mail documents, locate documents in a document collection, locate/update fields through document collection, create/detach/delete attachments and create XML representation of a document.
�Field/Item operations � create/modify/delete fields in a document, access items for value, create/access fields in forms and attach objects to documents.
�Session operations � create session, set/access environment variables, access Calendar entries, utilize Lotus Formula to do basic calculations and send newsletters.
�Security operations � access roles and change ACLs within roles.


wM offers a Lotus Notes adapter under their Global Field Adapter program. See wM Advantage section on main page for this.