LotusNotes JDBC

everybody,we have lotusnotes r5 installed,and we cannot afford lotusnotes adapter by webmethods, i heard that we can configure it by JDBC enterprise adapter. so if any one could let me know how it should be configured.
Thanks in advance

Haseeb Mohammad

You can use the NotesSQL driver (www.lotus.com/notessql), which provides ODBC access to your Domino server. The JDBC-ODBC bridge driver (http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/docs/guide/jdbc/getstart/bridge.doc.html) will let you use this with the webMethods JDBC adapter.

This is not something for the faint of heart - it’s definitely not the recommended method for accessing data from Notes databases. It is the easiest to implement, though, and if your data access needs are simple you may be able to get by using this.

Can you be more specific on this.



having been a Lotus Notes developer in my previous life and venturing into webMethods with a webm-LotusNotes integration, I have had several unpleasant experiences.

If you can explain to us what it is that you are trying to do, I hope to be able to shed some light on it.

hi thinkb2b,
sorry to address u like that,
we have notes R5 and we want to use webmthods to integrate between lotusnotes and oracle database.for that i was asked to configure the adapter, and iam not sure how to do this, i did the way how frank explaind but i have some issues like i am not be able to get notifications from lotus notes(means i cannot create any notification in that).


How did you make out? I have some old data in a Lotusnotes database that I would like to pull out via webmethods and put into another system. It’s a “one-time” use, so buying an old adapter isn’t ideal.

I’m interested to know if this activity was successful.


Do you have installed Lotus Notes Adapter 6.0 and can’t you make use of that for pulling data?

I am not sure what version of IS you have it though!


Does Software AG still have a Lotusnotes adapter that works with the latest version of IS?

Yes, it is available. Latest version is Lotus Notes Adapter 6.0.