Lotus Notes Integration


Just like to know if there’s anyway to connect Lotus Notes applications to webMethods Enterprise?


We have developed a new Lotus Domino Adapter that follow WM standards.
This adapter own several operation that can be used to integrate application developed using Lotus Domino Platform.
We have already used this adapter to integrate existing and new Domino Application.

If you are interested we can send you the technical sheet with the feature of the our domino Adapter.

You can use JDBC or ODBC adapter to connect to Lotus Notes. It works pretty well. however, it has a few limitations and if you want more control, you might want to look into creating a Lotus Notes adapter.

We developed an adapter to do integration with Domino Application.



Could you send me additional information about the Domino’s adapter.

I’m very interesting your notes adapter,Any programming effort require when implementation ?