WebMethods and Lotus Notes Adapter

I am just curious of what is the best method to connect to Lotus Notes. Lotus Notes has something http://www.lotus.com/products/rnext.nsf/0/F8BA31E9F7BDEC3A85256C4700667625?OpenDocument

But is there an adapter of some sort, recommend, to be use with Lotus Notes.

you can contact wM PS for the lotus notes adapter. you can only get it from the PS. i wrote a notes adapter a while ago using notes jdbc driver and java api. it served a special purpose and it was not that hard. i know that the notes adapter wM PS provides is a lot more flexible.

Well, we inquire about this field adapter and it cost 25K + 4500 for minimun support. So I have been working with TS support on the best way to do this without the adapter. I like to use JDBC, but don’t know one thing about LOtus notes JDBC or how to set it up.

I have been told to use JDBC - ODBC connection as another option. Any advice you can give would be great.