Lotus Notes Adapter

I’m trying to track down a Lotus Notes R5 adapter that uses the Java API’s. I dont want to reintent the wheel and I’m sure there is one out there.

Hi Dave,

No such adapters exist as of now, but wM will be releasing an adapter to public soon.


I am trying to build a JDBC adapter connection for a notes database. Can any one please tell me the what would be the value of the connection parameter “Data Source Classname”.


I used the Lotus Domino JDBC driver a long time ago, but I was never able to get it to work with webMethods. Unless there’s been a major upgrade to the Domino JDBC driver, it doesn’t support everything that webMethods requires of a JDBC driver.

Prabhu, you said that there will be a webMethods Notes/Domino adapter being released soon. Where did you get this information? Are there any more details available?

Any experience or knowledge regarding real time integration with Lotus Notes database applications where LN is the source. We are using wM v6 on Win2k and Notes R5.
Two scenarios:

  1. In the Notes application the users clicks a submit button. At that point we need to invoke a wM service to publish the data.

  2. A new document is either inserted into the Lotus Notes db or a document is modified in the Lotus Notes db . At that point we need to invoke a wM service to publish the data.

We can read the db and insert documents with the JDBC adapter but we don’t know how to initiate a real time integration where Notes is the source.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



For #1, you can have your Notes application send an HTTP request (probably using an agent) to webMethods containing the data you want to publish. Or you can have the button kick off a Java agent that uses the webMethods API to call the webMethods service.

For #2, the easiest way is to set up a Notes view that contains only the new or modified documents that you want to handle. You can then use the JDBC basic notification on that view. This assumes you can get the JDBC adapter to update a document in a view, which I’m not sure can be done easily.

Hi Joel,
For the first requirement, you can create a form in the LN server, which has a button and the onClick event of the button can be programmed to invoke a LN function called URLInvoke which takes the HTTP url of the wM service as input. This wM service can be written to get the data from LN server and publish the same. I guess we dont need to use agents for this purpose.

For the second requirement, as Skip says we can use a view and a jdbc notification…and once we get a notification, we can invoke a LN adapter service itself to update a document in a view…

Hey guys! I am in Need of a JDBC driver that works with Lotus Notes R5. Here’s our setup - IS 4.6 is on Solaris and Lotus Notes is on NT -
Obviously, I need a JDBC driver, right? Well, I’ve been looking into LDDC from Lotus Notes but this is of TYPE II. How in the world am I suppose to make it work on Solaris?

I was told that I should be installing a lotus notes client or API on the solaris machine. Any help???


Hey Mike,
The webMethods Lotus Notes adapter solves your problem. It does not require to have any Lotus Notes client or API in the Solaris machine. Just the installation of the adapter would take care of everything irrespective of the OS of IS and the Lotus Notes server.


Hey Anita could u please let meknow when did webMethods had released the lotus notes adapter, because i need it very badly.

webMethods has already released the Lotus Notes Adapter. You can contact the webMethods support by mailing to support@webmethods.com and you can get proper guidance regarding the adapter.