Lotus Domino

Is there any adapter available by which we can integrate with Domino databse. I have tried with JDBC Adapter, but that doesn’t work for domino.

Rahul Sureka

As far as I know there is no actual adapter for Lotus Domino integration. It is possible to use the Domino Java API to communicate with webMethods, just as you would any application. It’s also possible to use Domino agents to expose Domino data as a web service, which you could then call from webMethods like any other web service.

We have developed a new Lotus Domino Adapter that follow WM standards.
This adapter own several operation that can be used to integrate application developed using Lotus Domino Platform.
We have already used this adapter to integrate existing and new Domino Application.

If you are interested we can send you the technical sheet with the feature of the our domino Adapter.

We are interested the Domino Adapter.
Can you send to me ?

Please send me your e-mail address i leave my address to you


We will publish also soon our Lotus Domino adapter factsheet on this forum


We are using a developeded Adapter with these main Feature:


Domino Adapter is an add-on to the webMethods Integration Server that provides real-time communication to and from Domino. Can be installed everywhere, on your Domino Server, on server without Domino installed and on a workstation with or without a Lotus Client

Minimum Technical Requirements

Domino Server 5.03 or higher
webMethods IS or ES 4.x, or later
Platform Windows NT, 2000, Sun Solaris, Aix 4.3, Hp-UX

Features. Domino to Adapter Communication.

Domino Server intercepts operation on document (insert, update or delete) and generate XML notificating it to the adapter. The adapter transform XML document in information available for your Business requirements.

Two operations are configurable:
� Basic Notification : manages notification events from Domino Server
� Transform XML operation : transform XML document sent from Domino Server

Features. Adapter to Domino Communication.

Domino Adapter communicates with Domino Server through Web server and DIIOP server without using any ID files but using internet login method.
Domino Adapter manages operations on Domino:

� Select Document : manages any Form Types (�Document�, �Response� and �Response to Response�)
� Update Document : manages any Form Types
� Delete Document : manages any Form Types
� Create Form �Document Type�
� Create Form �Response Type�
� Create Form �Response to Response Type�

and manages all kinds of Domino fields:

� String
� Date
� Numeric
� Multiple Values
� Readers
� Authors

If you are interested please contact

Gualtiero Biella (gbiella@dt.deloitte.it)

I manage the webMethods Global Field Adapter (GFA) program and we have a Lotus Notes adapter for wM 6.0.1. You can get more info on the GFA program at

Please send an email to gfa@webMethods.com if you need more info on the Lotus Notes field adapter. This is an adapter supported by the GFA team. I can email you an adapter fact sheet which details the functionality supported by the adapter.

Subhash Ramachandran
Manager, GFA