How to change SPM password if installing SPM with composite template?

I’m installing SPM 9.9 using composite templates that are applied to CCE 9.10. During installation I want to change SPM password.
The provided SPM layer template has a credential section (under bootstrapInfo) but this is to authenticate the os user.
The documentation for CCE 9.9 and 9.10 show another credential section (under nodes: nodes: default:) and I tried this, but I’m still able to login to SPM UI with the default password.

In 9.10 and earlier it is very tricky to modify SPM password using composite templates due to the fact that changing password will affect communication from CCE to SPM because it requires this password for authentication. This problem is resolved in the upcoming 9.12 release (for 9.12 SPM only) by enabling TRUSTED authentication that does not rely on password.

For 9.8+ versions changing SPM password can be done via CLI. This is a fragment from the CC doc

# get Administrator user config XML
cc get configuration data $NODE_ALIAS $RCID COMMON-LOCAL-USERS-Administrator -o administrator.xml
# Add new password
sed "s,/>,><Password>${PASSWORD}</Password></User>,g" administrator.xml > administrator_new.xml
# Update user config
cc update configuration data $NODE_ALIAS $RCID COMMON-LOCAL-USERS-Administrator -i administrator_new.xml

# verify connection
cc list inventory components nodeAlias=$NODE_ALIAS -e $RCID -w 0 refresh=true

You can you these commands to change password for SPM, CCE, CTP, IS, MWS, UM 9.8+. See the documentation for details/examples.