How should i proceed?

Hi forum guys,

Please guide me here

Am presently working as a Project coordinator in a firm which works on web methods 2.5(very old version)
we normaly harvest data from web site(Documents or datas for the clients)and store it in the form of WIDL(web interface definition language)and send it to the clients

am looking for a job change, and has undergone trainign in web methods 7.x

Kindly tell me, how can i apply for jobs with my project management exp(total wrk exp abpve 5 years)

should i be applying for development side or project mamangemt/TL side?

should i learn about Project depolyment also?

if neede,please help me to get the materials necessery for all those


Pls review Online documentation as you wanted to pursue into webMethods Development (latest 8.x): (look for webMethods section on the left frame)


Thanks Mg for your replay and the useful documets that you have provided…

but could you please tell me what exactly should i learn to move into project management side(as am a project manager with total 5 year exp in web methods 2.5)

any souorce to study the project deployment and stuffs?

please reply

Thanks in advance

PMP certification/training if you want to move into Project Management career…Just google it…Hope you already know this.


Yea am awaer of that, but please tell me if i should be going with both PMP certification and web methods 7.x to get into this?

You should prefer PM side only… but you can be a technical PM as you worked on some technology…

AFAIK Project Management doesn’t need any technical requirement, one should the how to mange the project efficiently…


so i should only concentrate on the PMP certification and no need to learn the updated 7.x web methods?

please rpely

Ofcourse you maintain your tech skills of webMethods suite while doing PMP…goodluck!

Thanks a lot rmg,going to check suitable centers for PMP

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