Future of webmethods after 5 to 10 years ?

Hello All,

I have over 3 years experience in webMethods and now my current company offering me to switch in JAVA as our client that uses the webMethods has left us.

Should I need to switch from webMethods to JAVA. Does webMethods has future after 5 to 10 years from now ?

I know at present there are lots of jobs in webmethods but I need your suggestions. I have little knowledge in JAVA and My current company ready to give time to enhance the knowledge in JAVA.

I am asking regarding switch from webMethods to JAVA as I affraid regarding the future of webMethods if webMethods market down after 5 or 10 years then what will happen and then what we will do? Is it better to switch in JAVA now?

I need your suggestions and advise.


Saurabh … no body can predict that what will be the future of product 10 years down the line which is use currently. But on the other side of coin I want to say with the growing IT trends in market and considering integration will remain the hot flavor of any organisation and obviously with approaches like SOA, Cloud-Computing Webmethods should have huge market space and penetration as they are focusing on these trends aggressively.

One more advise to you as pointed out you wanted to switch to Java, i would say if are looking for WM 5-10 years down the lane… you should expertise Java as this will give a better grasp of the product.

hope it will helps.


Thanks ND for your reply,

But my concern is that Now I have 3 year experience in webMethods and if I switch in JAVA then I will be trated as fresher and it will take minimum 2 years to get good understanding in JAVA development.

After 2 years development in JAVA I will have more than 5 years experience (3 yrs in webMethods and 2 yrs in JAVA) in IT industry but I will not be in condition to show total 5 years experience in JAVA.Right now I am getting enough salary according to my experience.

Apart from getting knowledge in JAVA should I completely move in JAVA development.

My confusion is that after having 3 years of development experience in webMethods, should I move to JAVA as a fresher or not?


You should definitely get training and experience in Java, even if it means you do not do wM work for a while. Learning Java will help you with your wM development skills as well.

Over your career you will be exposed to many technologies. The more you learn the better off you’ll be. Especially in the integration arena where the end points can be just about any technology.

webMethods is a suite covering many factors:

  • Integration (All adapters)
  • B2B (Trading Networks)
  • SOA (CentraSite)
  • Messaging (Broker and JMS)
  • BPM (Now a real analist with IDS adquisition)
  • web Development (With CAF)
  • Monitoring (With BAM)
  • Legacy Mainframe Integration (With EntireX and ApplinX).

You cannot simply learn Java and do all that, it’s too much and takes years.
It’s comparing different things.

Now if your question is, would I keep a decent JOB by extending my knoledge ONLY in webMethods? or should I be safer learning Java?

That been the case you need to ask yourselves, where will be Java in 5-10 years as well?

The more you know, the better, but stick to a single thing is always bad, no matter if wM or Java.

My own feeling from Europe is the following :

  • the salary is higher for wM specialist than for developers in general (Java, C++, …)
  • but wM is a niche activities so it’s more difficult to find a position if you’re not able to move in a different area (it’s my case as my wife has a quite good position and as we are living in one of the best area ;);)).

Now, I can’t comment future of wM. wM suite has many good and useful features, but what is clear also to me is SAG as to start something about software quality … but does it impact wM future, not so sure (if quality was the major parameter to qualify future of products, PC will not run windows now :p:).

I agree with Rob,

Sourab,consider that advice it should balance both wM/Java skills.


Thank u all for ur comments…

These comments are valuable for all WM USERS.

If anyone also share their views and write to want comment on this thread I appreciate as well.

Thank u once again.