EDI and EAI migration from 4.1 to 6.5

Hi All,
We have 3 separate webMethods Live instance on 4.1, 5.1 and 6.5

4.1 has EDI and EAI (Oracle ERP and Siebel Adapters)
5.1 has brokers
6.5 has B2B and few EAI

Now we want consolidate all three into ONE 6.5 version.

Please let me know if there is any BEST approach to achive the above

Thanks in advance

Hace a Nice day

You may also check this links there are some technical issues described during their 4.1 – > 6.5 migration…just in case…


But definetely you will have lot of work to do for this type of migration old 4.x to 6.5.It would be lit easier if you are moving on 6.01/6.1 -->6.5

Hope someone here will guide you on the better procedures.


Thanks RMG for your input.

I’m looking for some king of Highlevel approach for the instance consolidation.


But you should be maintain a track of all services which going to be migrating it mau use full for the future or in qa and also be care full while replacing the depricated services.

Hi Siva,
You have mentioned that there might be some depricated services in this upgradation.Could you please explain what are those services and possible impacts.!

Thanks in Advance.


BTW,what version of IS migrations you are doing?? so that users can respond accordingly.

Also elaborate on what components/services you are using currently in your integrations…

If it is 4.x to 6.5/7.x migration then lot of things got changed esp services/adapters/framework/db schemas etc…


Thanks for your response!
we are upgrading from 4x to 7.1.1. Here we have successfully completed the EAI part using the available tool and upgradation of the B2B part which involves the EDI transactions in x12,RNS and also EDIFACT like Invoice,PO etc is to be done. We are trying to find the proper path to finish the job.

-We have these webMethods live instances 4.1,6.1,6.5,7.1.1.
-Environment : Siebel CRM and OracleApps ERP
-4.1 has both EDI & RNS transactional services
-Adapters: JDBC and Siebel
-we have Brokers in 6.5

here i am worrying about my services in 4x.So please let me know where can i get the information about the depricated services esp in B2B with EDI.

Thanks alot in advance for your co-operation…!



There are some threads discussed on depecrated services,pls use the search functionality…also search in the Advantage website i know there are some docs.You can also refer IntegrationServerBISReference.pdf.

Here are some threads,take a look

Regarding EDI deprecated services they are very less…But you should start using EDIModule6.x services as the services inputs/outputs changed like EDIFFSchema etc… wrt converToValues,convertToString…



      Thanks alot...It is really helpful to me.Thank you once again for your valuable contribution.


Hi fany please help me out in the miggrating of 4.x to 7.1.1


you can also follow the same above links/docs etc…It can help you to some extent…All the upgrade docs are avail in Advantage.webmethods.com site…


Hi Gangadhar,
The links there in the previous post were really helpful and informative (as RMG said). Apart from that if you wanna know anything in specific,try to post with detailed description.