WebMethods Certification

Hi Everyone,

Im new to Webmethods and have been 3 months into the Technology.

I would like to know more about the Certifications related to the same.

Do mail in.

Would like to know where to read up about the Inbuilt services in WmPublic folder?

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Mythilla Raj

Thorough familiarity with the Integration Server Built-In Services Guide is critical to success in working with IS. While you’re at it, study the Developer User’s Guide, the Java API javadocs and the user’s guides for any adapters (JDBC adapter especially).

Of course, diligent study and practice to develop expertise with XML schema and SQL would not be wasted effort either.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the valuable suggestion.

Ill work on the same and touch base with you incase of more queries.

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Where would one find study materials for the “WebMethods 7.1.2 Certified Integration Developer Certification”

  • Integration Fundamentals
  • Integration Workshop
  • Trading Networks Workshop
  • Advanced Integration Workshop




Can anyone elaborate how important are Publish & Subscribe model and Trading networks from certification point of view.

And only the theoretical knowledge of these can really help.

Both are equally important IS topics Broker (Pub/Sub) and TN processing,you got to review both tutorials not only for certification point of view also theory/practical hands on (preferred).


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