How much is the disk space requirement for WEBMDATA and WEBMINDX tablespaces

As per installation guide , WEBMDATA is used to store blob data.Does it mean ,all TN transaction content gets store to this tablespace.

And if it is so , do we need to measure the volume of transaction and allocate disk space to this tablespace ?

Hi Amit,

webMethods will store following data to DB (if configured to do so)

  1. IS Core Audit
  2. Process Core Audit
  3. Document History
  4. TN Audit
  5. Analytic Data

You will have to do following to come up with some figure

  1. Volumetric analysis of messages flowing through webMethods
  2. Amount of auditing required
  3. Capacity planning
  4. Archiving/Purge requirement and schedules
  5. Kind of features used (listed above)

It will difficult to tell exactly how much tablespace is enough but if you have done above steps then you should be okay to start with approx. sizing keeping something in buffer.

After that, it will be an ongoing monitoring process for couple of months till you can finalise how much is enough.
In this way you can also forecast the DB growth and the point where it starts to plateau (provided you are cleaning it up)