Running out of space

I’ve got 4 GB allocated for our Tamino installation, and with only roughly 200-300 MB of actual data/indexes, etc., it’s 87% full and will no longer add a new database (which I was putting elsewhere due to the space issue). Any hints as to how to clean some of this up, or am I just going to have to find more space? It seems like an enormous amount of stuff gets deposited with every patch/update; perhaps there’s some trick to clearing this out? Anything I can safely remove?

Any suggestions appreciated.

have you checked the log space? backups?

These can be directed to different volumes, if preferred.

Generally, backup retention depends on your installation backup strategy, offsite migration, offline copies, etc. Journals typically can be removed once the journalled activity has been backed up. See for general backup information. describes the different types of files Tamino uses. Logs and Journals, for example are used for data recovery, typically between backups (roll forward or roll back).