manage Tamino server spaces

Hello , I use Tamino server as DB

I have 1.5 Terra HD with 1 Terra free space.

Data Space: 213404.19 MB of total 322273.00 MB
Index Space: 9003.78 MB of total 12534.88 MB
Log Space: 95520.35 MB of total 1174911.13 MB
Temporary Working Space: 66.46 MB of total 1079457.24 MB

What is right way to manage my Tamino server spaces ?
Should I use the free space of HD and increase DATA and INDEX spaces to achieve better performance of Tamino server? or let Tamino manage it automaticaly? is there any other ways to increase performance of my DB?
Thanks for help!!!

Probably the best way is to preallocate the space rather than letting Tamino grab extra little bits of disk whenever it needs to expand.

In terms of performance: there are ways to tune the database in terms of memory usage, threads etc. Also look at your Tamino queries as there may be better and more efficient ways to query the database. Use of indices where appropiate. Have a look at the Tamino documentation, there is a section called “Performance Guide” which may be of use.