Tamino and Memory usage

Hello, I have installed few tamino databases on a server. They are all Medium database, with many write operations and few users. I have installed them with 50MB as Index Space and 100 as Data Space. Since a while, I receive alerts from the server telling me that the memory use is critical (between 90-95%). The memory of the server reach 1GB. I am assuming that tamino grabs as much memory as it can get. How much memory does tamino take for each database and how could I reduce the memory use? Regards

Hi, If you look at the Properties of your databases using System Management Hub (Tamino, Databases, , Properties, Server) you will see the parameters that control the majority of Tamino’s memory usage. The most significant is the Buffer Pool Size parameter. I think that for your database settings, the default Buffer Pool Size will be 300 Mb. You may want to reduce this for each database so that your Tamino environment uses less memory. Of course there may be a performance trade-off. HTH

Thank you. But until now, I don’t need to change this value. I have restarted the server and the mem. usage has decreased a lot. (less than 65%). But if I have to install again few databases, then I will for sure need to change the poolsize. Rgds