Experience with large Tamino databases ?

Hi all,

we are running a database with Tamino version It contains currently about 3.000.000 documents. The overall size is about 10 GB. It run’s on a Windows 2000 server. Due to performance problems we did some parameter tuning in the past. Current buffer pool is 750 MB, XML worker threads is 150.

I’m interested in the following:

  • Is there anybody else having practical experience with such large Tamino databases ?
    I would be very interested in sharing practical knowledge.
  • Is there any experience with data volume and performance limits on 32-bit Windows systems ?
  • Are there any recommendations on sensible configuration parameter settings for large databases.

Interesting experience that there is no reply
to the above post so far.
Does Software AG itself have experience with
large Tamino databases ?

well, 10 GB is not really large. There are customer databases which
are larger than this (contact product marketing for up-to-date information). However, your question “any performance limits on windows” and “any recommendations on sensible configuration parameter settings” is very general, and cannot be answered without looking at the use case in question. Generally spoken, you should start with the default values, except for the buffer pool which you should configure as large as your machine allows (make sure, the available physical memory exceeds what you configure for the buffer pool) and then what the system. Typically, Tamino needs not much tuning on the database property side, the definition of sensible indexes is much more important