Tamino Storage Capabilities

What is the maximum size of a Tamino Database, ie. how much data can Tamino store, if of course, there is a limit?
Also, how does the size of the database affect the performance generally?


there is no general limit. As Tamino is available on different hardware / OS platforms there always is the strategy of buying bigger iron if you run into performance problems. There are right now productive databases running somewhere beyond double-digit GigaByte storage space on inexpensive hardware.

As with all databases, when things get big, everything depends on parametrization of the database kernel and at that foremost on “just the right” indexes being employed. You know, you can slow down about any system with a query that requires the kernel to sift thru obscene amounts of data. As long as you care for your data structure, Tamino will hum along quite nicely.

Best regards, Andreas

Thanks Andreas, that was very helpful, but do you have (or know where I could find) any statistics relating to performance of these databases? The reason I am asking is because we get requests from clients asking about performance, compared to different databases, such as oracle.