General performance tuning

Hi all,

I wonder if there are general measures one could take to improve TWS performance.
I know this is a vague question, but any input is appreciated.
We have approximately 5000 XML documents with an average size of 3-4 KB.
We are running TWS together with Tamino XMLDB on a 2-way Linux box with 3 GB memory. We changed TWS’s Tomcat configuration to -Xmx300M.
Are there any other recommended Tomcat parameters to check/vary?

I already studied the Tamino Performance Guide without much insight.

I created the database with database profiles as follows:
-Small database
-Few write operations
-Few users

We definitely have few users. But how to determine if we have few write operations?
Would setting this to “Many write operations” improve PUT performance?
Is Small, Medium, or Large database setting better for TWS?
Or is this only for initial space allocation?
Is there any documentation how these database profile settings are mapped to
particular database parameters?
Can these parameters modified after database creation?
Are these question better posted on another forum? :slight_smile:

Thanks for any input


Hi Guido,

the “profile” few users / few write operations is used just to preset some of the Tamino properties, e.g. buffer pool size, number of working threads etc., and to select an initial space allocation. All of these can be changed at any time later. You should not worry too much about few vs. many write operations. For a small database, the difference is only the numbe rof XML working threads.