tamino memory usage

Is there a way to set an upper-limit for the memory that Tamino uses? We have experienced Tamino gradually gobbling up all the memory on our server until there is no memory left for other processes! We are running Tamino on Windows 2000 Server. We have 512 MB RAM, and have recently bumped up the virtual memory from 512 MB to 768 MB, to give us a total of 1280 MB (if my math is correct).


Hi Patrick,

Tamino preallocates memory according to Tamino parameters such as bufferpool size, but I believe it also allocates dynamic memory as and when it resolves queries. Such memory should be deallocated once the query is complete. (If this really isn’t the case please report the problem to your local Software AG Customer Support). There is no way to set any upper limit. To me 512MB to run Tamino and Windows 2000 Server and anything else is asking for problems especially paging. I would recommend at least 1GB of real memory.

Hope this helps. Stuart

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.


I have a similar problem with Patrick:
The Tamino on one of our PC (with 512MB RAM) utilized nearly 200MB memory, while on another PC (with 128MB RAM) it utilized lower than 10MB memory! However, the version, settings, DBs, etc. of Tamino Server as well as JSDK on these 2 PCs is identical.

Any ideas or clues? Thanks very much!