Help on major receive service - custom build necessary?

Hello team.

I am looking for some direction on a major task that I have to look into. I have been with this company a short period of time and have been asked to look into a solution that would involve the below:

  • a major receive type service that would receive multiple content types such as for FTP, HTTP, SFTP, etc. Trying to get some organization surrounding certain content types, instead of each developer coding for certain content types many different ways. After the receipt, the code would know the content type and then run commands such as "okay, for this xml/text content type, check the file size and if over a certain size, do not pass to the later services, instead send email to a particular team, for instance.

Question: Would the above involve creating some sort of major java content handler? My java isn’t strong. Would the above be one of the purposes of Trading Networks, which I’ve never touched? Any other suggestion? Just looking for any high level comments and I’ll read/study whatever chapters needs to be read/studied to handle.

  • secondly, the actual incoming data would be stored somewhere such as a database. They want the data saved and they also want something additional done, so that our customers can view their data if they want to and also can find out things such as “was the ftp data delivered to its destination (EAI)? and at what date/time”. Yes, I understand its possible that we could perhaps send some sort of acknowledgment back to the customer, but this company is interested in setting up something so that customers (and internal users) at anytime they wish, could look for a particular file they sent at a particular date and see what the last status mentioned (delivered, errored, etc)

Question: Anyone set up something that allows your customers to sign in and see this type of information? Could I somehow get all of this setup with some sort of combo of TN and myWebmethods or is this way more complex than that? Again, any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

The company is utilizing webMethods 9.7 and I was told that the solution has to be custom, as they do not want to spend a dime to buy any other licenses for a product like for instance (Active Transfer - MFT). The company is in possession of myWebmethods and Trading Networks.

I realize this is a very broad question. Just looking for some direction on either point mentioned, as I’m not sure where to start on this custom build and if a custom build is even necessary, due to the products already in place. :?:

Please help.

Seems all of the functions you mentioned are supported by WM productions: IS + TN out-of-the-box. You only need to call the services provided.
If you are totally new to WM, it will take some time to get familiar with the concepts and how things work. There are many documentation you can look into.

Yes, all the questions provided by can be get it done by wM. But only for UI part, if you want go easily you better go with jsp or even dsp’s. Kindly start with Developer Built-In services, ftp,sftp operations, MWS and TN. Please write to us if you need any assistance in b/w.


With this, you will finish one interface as well as you will understand the concepts of wM.