HELP: Can't see Scheduler / View System tasks

Please assist. We are on webMethods v 9.12 Linux and starting every Monday after a weekend maintenance where many other servers and db’s on the same Linux box (unrelated to webMethods application), we are unable to go into Scheduler / View System Tasks. When I click “View System Tasks”, nothing happens. The only way we can see the System Tasks again is to restart the entire server and restarting the entire server on a weekly basis is not what the company wants to do. We currently cannot figure out what is going on during the weekend maintenance that causes this to happen.

Does anyone else have this issue? Do you know if there’s a way to get back the system tasks without having to restart the entire box? Any other advice?

Really appreciate your help.

When I say we have to restart the entire server, I should have said “restart Integration server”, not the entire Linux box.

Hi Joe,

Do you see any errors in Error Logs or Server Logs? Can you enable Trace level for Scheduler (Settings > Logging > Edit Server Logger Details from Admin UI) and see if it provides any additional information?


Probably there is something wrong to invoke service wm.server.query:getTaskList. I will suggest you to invoke it manually when it occurs again to see if you could see outputs.

Thanks. I will try both suggestions