Suspended job scheduler ran automatically but incompletely

Hi Team,

As per requirement we have suspended the scheduler for long time. And today we have have found that job ran automatically and that to incompletely. Is there any thing we can check around what is the problem. Due to this some of the files got triggered to other system which is causing some issue in the business. Please some body can suggest.

The job got suspended in the scheduler task list, but in the service usage it is showing that it has run this morning.


Hi Sunil,

please check the scheduler config page if there is an error message for the scheduler.

Additionally check the server.log and the error log for the timeframe when the scheduler ran for messages related to the scheduler.

When the service behind the scheduler has run but the scheduler is suspended, then this indicates that someone has executed manually. See Sessions log for further information.


Yes the session logs should have all the scheduler activity information to track and chances are manually suspended it. Please check it.